Who We Are


The knowledge and information we get from books are a sure thing but reading affects our minds in many ways. Everything from memory and creativity boost to the improvement of communication skills.


Have a trip without leaving your room- read a book. A good book can take you places and give you a glimpse into other people’s experiences and thoughts. Learning about others helps you learn about yourself.


Modern day life comes with a significant portion of stress. To overcome it, we need more than a distraction, we need something that calms our nerves, and reading does a fantastic job there.

Our team consists of people from all corners of the world, wanderlust book lovers with a thing for self-improvement. The idea that initiated this project was born in our spare time while we discussed favorite books and authors.

Our goal is to help reading restore its place in the world and get people to fall in love with books again. We aspire to build a community of avid readers and create a place that everyone likes to visit.